Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Hello! My name is Ravi and I am seven years old. This blog is about my life and gardening and a frog named Mrs. Hoppy that had about 10 baby frogs. I am growing ten baby cucumbers and they are about two inches high. I love to garden with my mom and I like to get my hands dirty.

I also like to catch alot of bugs to feed Mrs. Hoppy.



  1. Hi Ravi! Nice frog...I mean blog!

  2. Ravi, I am glad that you will be blogging about our garden and all the bugs you find. I am looking forward to reading your blog and knowing all the things you are thinking about.

  3. Now I know what you do when I'm at work...gardening and bug-hunting!!!

    Great blog Squeaky!

  4. Ravi, I know you just started this blog but I am very proud of you and I know this blog will produce many great posts that will bring me alot of happiness in the future.

    I have given you a special award to put on your blog. Come and pick it up at my blog!

    I love you!